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Hiking in the Rockies! Biking in the rain! Great food, beer, and even sushi!

Archive of Past Exploits

Italy 2: Escape From Responsibility

The Sticklers are back! Ancient Rome, resort towns, and piles and piles of bricks!

Lake Tahoe May 2008

Freedom from parental responsibility! Bill Harvery Harrah takes our money! Mountains, Lakes, Mountains and Mountains!

Lin-Wei in New York. Aug 2007

A weekend off for Lin-Wei! Korean food galore. Dancing the night away!

Germany and Prague 2006

Explore the countryside of Bavaria. Discover Germany sushi. Find the Old Town Square, near the Old Bridge that crosses the River, overlooked by the Fortress!

Lollapalooza August 2006

I had Flaming Lips after I ate Red Hot Chili Peppers, and drank $5 beer betWeen sets.

Seattle July 2006

Needles, glaciers, wine, women, and vomit!

New York Oct 2005

Brother and sister in New York City.

Camping at Gov Dodge Sept 2005

Bee stings and pasta rings!

San Francisco Sept 2005

The Bonney's head out west. Hiking in Muir woods. A Mysterious Spot. Girls night out.

Greece 2005

Trill to the adventures of the Bonneys in Greece! Eat French Fries! Ride the Funicular!

Honeymoon Italy and France - 2004

Exploring the countryside of Italy and France. Roman ruins. Italian seacost. The catacombs of Paris!


The Wedding! Sept 25, 2004

Romance in Green Bay. Sushi and chicken wings. Antique tractors.

Cancun Jan 2004

Al's 30th birthday. Ancient Mayan ruins. Drunk frat boys. A fine vacation indeed!

Part 2

Charleston May 2003

A journey to old town America! Delicious seafood! A windy beach...

London - Nov 2002

Triple threat vs. England. Streaky bacon. Medieval castles. Chicken tikka masala for everyone!

by Al by Lin-Wei Part 2

California II - Jan 2002

Thrills! Chills! Hollywood Hills! And even a little Hungus for the kids